Our mission is to innovate, design, integrate, and produce new technologies related to green/renewable energy and environmental protection for future generations.

Through our state-of-the-art technologies and resources around the world, we are committed to create a sustainable living environment for all beings, in hopes of helping our world return to what it once was, as beautiful as the Garden of Eden.

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What do we do?

R-ONE Technology solves the world’s

suffocatingplastic waste problem by

cleanly and safely converting mixed and

unwashed plastic wastes into ultra-clean diesel.


S-ONE is another innovative technology

being developed by EVP that provides

immense energy savings in interior

climate control applications.


Z-ONE is an advanced technology

being developed by EVP that can

revolutionize the food industry by

changing the way foods are frozen

while preserving its freshness over

long periods of time.

Professionals only
EVP Group Chairman
James Young

James Young is experienced in research and development, and has managed a number of technology companies in Boston, Silicon Valley, and Southern California. For the last 30 years, Mr. Young has been dedicated to environmental restoration and led international R&D teams in the development of green energy technologies.

Mr. Young holds over 50 patents in fields such as aerospace technology, vertical axis scenery unity generators, tidal power, hydroelectric power, thermal superconducting technology, electric vehicle charging and battery technology, and waste plastic pyrolysis renewable oil technology.

Mr. Young was nominated by China Industry Forum as 2013 Top 10 outstanding entrepreneurs in 2014 and appointed as Chief Advisor of China Industrial Forum in 2015.